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  • How to set up forsuccess in putting

    NAPLES — Theaverageplayerexpendsat least 44 percentof his strokes on the green. Generally, theyhave 35 to 38 putts per round, withtwo to threethree-puttseachround. Part ofthisisdue to readingthegreensincorrectly, and part ofitisdue to a faultystroke. Thefaultystrokeresults […]

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  • Is the golf swing right or left dominant?

    NAPLES — You haveoftenheartheexpression “Pulldownfromthe top ofyour swing withyourleft hand and arm.” Then a guylike Jimmy Ballardcomesalong, and saysthedownswingshouldbeentirelyright-sided. Well, whatisit? A right-handed game or a left-handed game? Afterall, Ben Hoganhimselfsaid “I […]

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